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Welcome to Pro Logs!

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Pro Logs was launched in 2012, by Adam Taylor. Starting from his garden shed, Adam now runs a successful business which processes high quality firewood and kindling. 

It is fair to say that Adam is passionate about timber. With that, Pro Logs promises to deliver kiln dried, well seasoned logs to your door year round. 

Pro Logs has become a family business and we are extremely proud of Adams achievements. You can now find Pro Logs firewood and  kindling in Lincolnshire Co-op stores, and at various retail outlets across the country. 

Pro Logs is certified by Woodsure, the UK's only woodfuel quality assurance scheme. You can find out more here:

Your logs will be delivered by Adam, or a member of the Pro Logs team, and will arrive on one of our specialist delivery lorries. We can drop your logs in a location that suits you - we won't just dump them on your drive. We also provide a stacking service if required. 

Please follow us on social media @prologslincolnshire for regular updates, and do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions. 

Pro Logs Logo 02.jpg
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Adams advice

High quality logs and kindling make all the difference when lighting your log burner or open fire. Opt for kiln dried or well seasoned hardwoods, like Ash, Oak or Silver Birch. 

For a quick and easy light, use a natural wood firelighter to get started, with a stack of kindling. After your fire has established, place a couple of dry logs on the stack. Keep topping up fuel as needed, sit back, and enjoy!

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